_Creature: Onyx

Fire lizard of Morgan's


Racial Template:
Fire Lizards

Notable & obvious advantages:

  • Enhanced Tracking 3
  • Extra Attack 1 (Brawling only)
  • Fit
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Laziness bought off
  • Perfect Balance
    It should be noted that Onyx is considerably stronger than Basil

Notable & obvious disadvantages:

  • Chummy
  • Curious
  • Easy To Read
  • Extra Sleep
  • Light Sleeper
  • Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions)
  • Social Stigma (Valuable Property)
  • Xenophilia

Primary Features:
Birthdate: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks: None
Eye Color: Gold
Gender: Male
Hair Color: NA
Location Of Home: Where ever Morgan is
Profession: NA
Sexuality: Heterosexual (bonded with Basil)
Skin Color: Deep black


Nothing is known of the time before coming to be with Morgan.

_Creature: Onyx

The hours before a long time ago Belrathius