dead body found on the road to Gallerwell


The party came across the dead body of Josia on the road to Gallerwell.

The body had on it:

  • Document which was clutched in hands, a letter written to an unrequited love. The name on the back was Emma Doieson.
  • Handkerchief with “Josia” written on it
  • Had a pouch with two vials and a signet ring
  • Holdout knife, Very Fine, Has intricate art scene on it. Crafted by the well-known Smith Elias Toundasis, in the Egretal Capital city of Three Rivers.
  • Fine black tailored clothes, but not custom-made.
  • Had chainmail on under travel clothes, royal insignia on inner lining. Royal mark for a king of a province 400 miles back the way we came.

Uttered the word Emma when Morgan used a potion of resurrection on him (before he passed away again – a large number of hostile magics had been used on him).

Race: Adis
Religion: Unknown
Town: Three Rivers



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