Catherine Part II: Alley Cat

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Catherine Part IV: A Brave New World and Hidden Tragedy

Catherine Part V: My “little mouse”

Catherine Part I: The end of Innocence

My parents were minor nobles in the city of Deawod, a mid-sized city that relied on commerce. It sat in the middle of a large are of fertile farmland besides a river delta and grew much food. The river allowed for easy access to trade and the city was relatively prosperous.

My father was a scholar who specialized in studying the ancient lost language. Unlike my father my mother was quite religious and was quite devote to the neutral goddess known as Irius. My mother taught me that to serve Irius is to first understand justice and balance. It is not to believe in the petty self-serving ideals like good or evil but to serve the natural order of things and that natural order is to find balance and what is just.

When I was eight years old my dog Bobbie became ill and was obviously in great pain. My mother told me that the natural order of things was that Bobbie would have passed now and no longer suffer but because I was doing everything I could to keep Bobbie alive past his time I was simply causing him and myself pain. She told me that if I cared for Bobbie I needed to do what was right and end his suffering. She went to scoop up Bobbie but I interceded and picked him up myself which was no small task as he was nearly as heavy as I was. Then I followed my mother to the back shed. I set Bobbie down on the ground while my mother retrieved an axe from the wood block. My mother walked over to me and placed the axe in my hand to my great startlement. She told me, “Catherine, Bobbie is your dog. You had the strength to carry him this far, now have the strength to help him to the afterlife. End his suffering.”

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