GCA Info

The primary GCA info for any campaign falls into two areas: custom GDF and the data set for the campaign.

Custom GDF

The custom GDF for the campaign has been distributed. Elements included are:

  • 108 distinct cultural familiarity advantages (permutations based on 6 regions, 6 races, and native vs. standard vs. alien)
  • 2 new stats to support cultural familiarity grouping
  • 6 distinct regional languages (each with permutations of native or non-native, as well as spoken, written, or both)
  • 36 distinct language dialects (each with permutations of native or non-native, as well as spoken, written, or both)
  • Modified Language Talent advantage, adjusted for the campaign
  • Racial templates for all 6 races as well as Petty Drakes
  • Template for the custom package “Blessed Avatar of Irius”
  • Resistant advantage specifically for “cold”, to support racial template
  • Modified stat “starting wealth”, in accordance with GM setting for the campaign
  • Item entries for copper coins,silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins

Data Set

There is no GM-indicated data set at this time. That said, the list below reflects the GDFs used by the GCA expert of the group (and the order in which they are loaded).

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.—Characters.gdf
GURPS Powers 4e.gdf
GURPS Supers 4e.gdf
GURPS Fantasy 4e.gdf
GURPS Thaumatology 4e.gdf
GURPS Magic 4e.gdf
GURPS Magic 4e – Repairs (TomM).gdf
GURPS Fantasy Equipment (unknown).gdf
GURPS Low-Tech 4e.gdf
GURPS Low-Tech – Instant Armor 4e.gdf
GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2 – Weapons and Warriors.gdf
GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3 – Daily Life and Economics.gdf
GURPS Martial Arts 4e.gdf
GURPS Power-Ups 2 Perks 4e.gdf
GURPS House Rules 4e (TomM).gdf
GURPS Ensorcelments – LFH (TomM).gdf
GURPS Letters From Home (Tom).GDF
Variant – Remove Equipment TL 4+.gdf
Variant – Remove Equipment TL 4^+.gdf
Variant – Remove Equipment TL ^.gdf

GCA Info

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